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The PDF File Of Foodzymes’ Products: Baking Product Manual – FoodZymes™ PDF

Foodzyme A is a group of amylases which can improve oven spring , 

improve softness and extensibility and gas retention , increase volume, 

improve gassing power, increase softness , help in fermentation, improve

colour and taste improve freshness and shelflife.

baking amylase supplier baking amylase supplier

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    What is Amylase?
    Amylase is a hydrolytic enzyme that breaks down starch into dextrins and sugars. It’s made up of a family of starch-degrading enzymes that include:

    3.Amyloglucosidase or glucoamylase
    5.Maltogenic amylase
    Amylases can work at the same time in perfect synergy. They are key ingredients that extend the shelf-life of bread, working as fermentation improvers.

    Amylases perform the following functions in bakery products:

    *Provide fermentable and reducing sugars.
    *Accelerate yeast fermentation and boost gassing for optimum dough expansion during proofing and baking
    *Intensify flavors and crust color by enhancing Maillard browning and caramelization reactions.
    *Reduce dough/batter viscosity during starch gelatinization in the oven.
    *Extend oven rise/spring and improve product volume.
    *Act as crumb softeners by inhibiting staling.
    *Modify dough handling properties by reducing stickiness.


    FoodZyme AB  
    Description Amylase
    Effective material Bacterial endo Alpha Amylase produced by fermentions a selected strain of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens
    Application FoodZyme AB used in bakery as it catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch (Alpha 1-4 glucosidic linkages)
    the thermal stability of FoodZyme AB is higher than those of alpha Amylases from fungal sources
    Function improve oven spring , improve softness and extensibility and gas retention , increase volume
    Dosage 5-50 ppm
    FoodZyme AF100  
    Description Amylase
    Effective material Fungal Alpha Amylase produced by fermentions a selected strain of Aspergillus oryzae
    Application FoodZyme AF100 used in bakery as it acts on damaged starch which produced during the milling process by
    hydrolysis it producing sugar that helps in fermentation
    Function increase volume , improve gassing power, increase softness , help in fermentation
    Dosage 3-15 ppm
    FoodZyme AF150  
    Description Amylase
    Effective material Fungal Alpha Amylase produced by fermentions a selected strain of Aspergillus oryzae
    Application FoodZyme AF150 used in bakery as it acts on damaged starch which produced during the milling process
    by hydrolysis it producing sugar that helps in fermentation
    Function increase volume , improve gassing power, increase softness , help in fermentation
    Dosage 2-8 ppm
    FoodZyme AMG          
    Description Amylase
    Effective material Amyloglucosidase system derived from selected strain of Aspregillus nige
    Application FoodZyme AMG can hydrolyse sequentially both exo alpha 1,4 & alpha 1,6 glucosidic linkages and relase glucose units
    Function improve colour and taste , improve the crust , increase volume and act on oven spring
    Dosage 15-100 ppm
    FoodZyme A Fresh  
    Description Amylase
    Effective material FoodZyme A Fresh is Amylolytic enzyme system prepared from selected strains of Rhizopus and Aspergillus
    Application FoodZyme A Fresh designed to improve freshkeeping in bread
    Function improve freshness , improve softness and shelflife
    Dosage 15-100 ppm


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  • FoodZymes is a multinational company which specialized in bakery improvement.

    We have the honor to provide you a one-stop solution for the Baking industry: from enzymes, ingredients, improvement, and Solution to machinery.

    We are a manufacturer and we have our independent R&D center and own technical team.


    We produce FoodZymes™Enzymes,FoodBake™ Improvers,FoodGold™ Baking Ingredients which can help you to increase volume, freshness, softness, stability, water Absorption, shelf life.

    Our business is to meet your requirement, reduce cost, improves quality and POWER YOUR BAKERY.

    1. We can offer your several recipes to choose for different batches of wheat;

    2. Our specialist can fly to your factory if you need technical support;

    3. We can design a customization product for you according to your wheat & inquiry;

    4. Our Foodgold™ series Ingredients is especially produced for baking industry;

    5. Our factory is in China, right in the original place of raw materials, so we can decrease the cost;

    6. We have different language service: Russian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish is on the way;