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The PDF File Of Foodzymes’ Products: Baking Enzyme TG Supplier

FoodZymeTG is a group of transglutaminase used in bakery to improve stability

and tolerance, increase volume and aspect of bread , stability of oven spring.

(1) FoodZyme TG110
(2) FoodZyme TG80
(3) FoodZyme TG MAX

Baking Enzyme Supplier Baking Enzyme Supplier

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    What is Transglutaminase?
    Transglutaminase is a naturally occurring enzyme found in plants, animals, and bacteria. It catalyzes cross-linking reactions between wheat and other proteins.

    In weak gluten or gluten-free systems, it is used to increase volume and improve the structure of bread. In frozen dough, it increases dough stability and protects it from damage.

    Transglutaminase can function as a dough conditioner and can overcome the deficiencies in the quality of wheat gluten used in breadmaking. It is an enzyme alternative to chemical oxidizing agents and catalyzes cross-linking bonds both within protein molecules and between molecules of different proteins.

    Besides improving the baking quality of wheat flour, it enhances the rheological properties of the dough by stabilizing pore size and elasticity. Other benefits of TG-ase include its positive impact on the sensory properties of bread, texture and loaf volume.


    FoodZyme TG110
    Description : Enzymatic preparation
    Effective material : transglutaminase enzymes
    Application : FoodZymeTG110 is used in bakery to improve stability and tolerance, increase volume and aspect of bread
    Dosage : 5-70 ppm


    FoodZyme TG80
    Description : Enzymatic preparation
    Effective material : transglutaminase enzymes
    Application : FoodZymeTG80 is used in bakery to improve stability and tolerance, increase volume and aspect of bread
    Dosage : 10-100 ppm


    FoodZyme TG MAX
    Description : Enzymatic preparation
    Effective material : transglutaminase enzymes

    Application : FoodZymeTG MAX is used in bakery to improve stability and tolerance, increase volume and aspect of bread , stability of
    oven spring

    Dosage : 5-70 ppm


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  • FoodZymes is a multinational company which specialized in bakery improvement.

    We have the honor to provide you a one-stop solution for the Baking industry: from enzymes, ingredients, improvement, and Solution to machinery.

    We are a manufacturer and we have our independent R&D center and own technical team.


    We produce FoodZymes™Enzymes,FoodBake™ Improvers,FoodGold™ Baking Ingredients which can help you to increase volume, freshness, softness, stability, water Absorption, shelf life.

    Our business is to meet your requirement, reduce cost, improves quality and POWER YOUR BAKERY.

    1. We can offer your several recipes to choose for different batches of wheat;

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    3. We can design a customization product for you according to your wheat & inquiry;

    4. Our Foodgold™ series Ingredients is especially produced for baking industry;

    5. Our factory is in China, right in the original place of raw materials, so we can decrease the cost;

    6. We have different language service: Russian, French, Arabic, Turkish, and Spanish is on the way;